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Tasting Room Guidelines

  • Comply with closure times and party size limits for eating and drinking establishments based on the designated level of risk for the county in which the establishment is located.

  • Ensure that any one space that is intended for outdoor dining meet the definition for “outdoor”. Any space that is intended as an outdoor space that does not meet the definition of outdoor must comply with the requirements and guidance for indoor operations. OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR Kate Brown, Governor 500 Summer St NE E20 Salem OR 97301 Voice: 503-947-2340 Fax: 503-947-2341 2 of 4 OHA2351B12032020

  • Comply with ORS chapter 471 and any rules adopted thereunder for any sale of alcoholic beverages for off-premises consumption.

  • Comply with the Self-Service Operations Guidance.

  • Use menus that are single-use, cleanable between customers (laminated), online, or posted on a whiteboard or something similar in order to avoid multiple contact points.

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