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2020 Mourvèdre

Light with soft, subtle tannins. Notes of blueberry, black cherry with a slight hint of dried herbs and an earthy mouthfeel make this wine perfect for any classic Italian dish or tomato based meal such as gnocchi, pizza, or pasta.




"This Southern Oregon Mourvedre from Talent's StoneRiver Vineyards will intrigue you with its combination of dark fruit balanced with savory and earthy notes. It offers complex aromas of dark berries combined with smokey notes of bacon fat, sweet tobacco and savory hints of black peppercorn, oregano and olive tapenade. On the palate, it delivers flavors of spiced grilled plums with a dusting of ground espresso mixed with a leathery, gamey earthiness."


- Gary Hayes, SavorNW 


"This 2017 Mourvedre is " rather remarkable with notes of ripe red fruit, violet and guimauve. Its structure is rather complex and light on its feet, making for fun and balanced wine.""


- WINE PRESS NORTHWEST'S 21st Annual Platinum Judging


2020 Mourvèdre




    "One of the more underrated Rhone varieties and an exciting new varietal from Rogue Valley, Oregon. A full-bodied Red on the lighter side with 13.9% alcohol content, StoneRiver's Mourvedre stands out with it's strong fruity flavors and hints of smoke and spice. Big red fans will love the taste, smell and way this Mourvedre feels on the palate."


    -Jonathan Scott Oberlander 


    Wine Info:


    • Vintage: 2017 
    • Appellation: Rogue Valley (AVA), Oregon
    • Aging: 16 months in oak barrels
    • Chemistry: pH 3.74; TA 6.9 g/l
    • Alcohol: 13.9%
    • Residual Sugars: 0.2%


    Grapes/Harvest Info:


    • Varietal: 100% Mourvedre
    • Clone: 369
    • Root Stock: 101-14
    • Certification: LIVE Sustainable
    • Harvested: 14 Oct 2017
    • Harvest Brix: 20.4  


    Bottling Info:


    • Cases Produced: 100 cases
    • Date Bottled: 13 Mar 2019
    • Date Released: 19 Oct 2019



    • Delicious to the taste, refreshingly sippable. Best if left to sit open for at least 20 minutes after opening.


    Our 2017 Mourvedre pairs well with: 


    • Meats:
      • Slow braised, grilled and stewed meats of all kinds
      • Games of all types
      • Lamb, Portk and Beef
    • Fish:
      • Often paired with roasted salmon, ahi tuna, and other fish dishes that are served with caramelized onions and other vegetables, as well as lentils, eggplants, mushrooms, herbs and root vegetables.
    • Cheese:
      • With it's fresh spicy character it goes well with a variety of hard and soft cheeses.

    Name: Mourvedre.


    Pronunciation: "mohr-VED-dra", or "more-VEH-drha"


    Origin: Generally, thought to originate in Spain.


    Notable  Regions: Mourvedre likes warm, dry climates. Argentina (62% of world's exports), France, Italy, Spain, South Africa, New Zealand and the USA.


    Grape Color: Purple


    Wine Color: Red.  


    Wine Sweetness: Dry


    Oak: Typically aged 6-18 months in American or French Oak


    Body: Medium-to full-bodied wine


    Grape Clusters: Relatively compact, with small thick-skinned clusters.


    Tannin: High tannins


    Acidity: Low acidity


    ABV (Alcohol by Volume): 13.5% – 15%


    Fruit Taste: Cherry, plum, tomato, & dried fig 


    Other Taste: Cedar, leather, tobacco, vanilla, dill, & clove


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