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LIVE MUSIC w/ Daniel Nickels

StoneRiver Vineyards & Oregon Booking Agency present:

DANIEL NICKELS Saturday November 6th

2pm - 4pm Genre : Pop / Rock / Acoustic

Daniel Nickels is an American folk, rock, and singer-songwriter based out of Talent, Oregon. A longtime musician, he first became inspired during childhood. He has fond memories of his father singing and playing guitar by fireside while camping as a kid, and witnessing his father’s enjoyment of this and the love it gave to others inspired him to begin writing songs of his own. Surrounded by bands and musicians through his high school career, he began to take his music more seriously when he was sixteen.

Becoming the lead singer and songwriter for a band called Leeward Fate, which formed in 2008, Daniel is still growing and performing as an artist a decade later as a solo performer. Being able to play a range of instruments, including acoustic guitar, piano, ukulele, and harmonica, he is able to combine instrumentals with vocals and original lyrics to produce music that truly resonates with the listener, evoking strong emotions and vivid imagery. Inspired by musicians such as Ryan Adams, and John Mayer, James Taylor, and Cat Stevens, his music takes on similar qualities of folk Americana artists, and has real truth infused into lyrics that connect him to his audiences through real-life experiences.

He has described how deeply music resonates with him while he is playing, and being brought near to tears at the magical quality that music has to be created out of thin air, and his passion for his art is not lost within his songs. For him, music is not only a way to create enjoyment, but a way to give back to others as well, as he works to better people’s lives through giving back and being involved with charitable organizations.

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