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LIVE @ STONERIVER : Bim Jeam and the Sadness

StoneRiver Vineyards & Oregon Booking Agency present: BIM JEAM AND THE SADNESS Genre : Indie / Rock / Folk


TIME : 5 - 7pm

** From time to time we run out of seating so we encourage you to bring your own just in case!

While not busy playing R&B/Blues with his band, Kevin Conness likes to put on a different hat and moonlight as an acoustic act, paying homage to some of his other influences that often get neglected. While he’s always been a fan of music you can groove to - he also has a soft spot for old country, folk, and blues. Often playing solo or with minimal accompaniment, he offers an intimate, no frills detour into some of the best of American roots music as well as his own lesser known originals. He trades in the grooves and the electric guitar for an acoustic and an attempt to pull at your heart strings.

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