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WILD & BLUE Live @ StoneRiver

StoneRiver Vineyards & Oregon Booking Agency present:


SATURDAY / MAY 29th / 5 - 7pm Genre : Pop - Rock - Folk - Country

Wild and Blue is the California-bred father/daughter duo of Steve and April Bennett, who take the time-honored tradition of family harmony into inspirational new territory. Steve writes insightful, personal songs, and he and April sing them with timeless emotional urgency.

Steve and April — who dubbed themselves Wild and Blue in honor of the classic John Scott Sherrill song of the same name — have been singing together for live audiences since April was a toddler. In adulthood, April's aching, expressive voice has emerged as a powerful vehicle for Steve's songwriting.

Having already established themselves as a crowd-pleasing California Central Coast live act, Steve and April are eager to present Restless, their effortlessly impressive debut album, scheduled for release in January 2021, to a global audience.

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