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LIVE MUSIC w/ Mercy Duo

StoneRiver Vineyards & Oregon Booking Agency present: MERCY DUO Saturday January 16th

2:00 - 4:00 pm - on the lawn** Genre : Blues / Rhythm & Blues / Soul / Classic Rock **If you come with friends your group can not be larger than 6 people.

Mercy Duo, featuring Lynda Day and Dave Day from Talent, OR. Lynda Day’s vocals have the power to slam you against the wall yet grab at your vulnerabilities that will melt your heart and move you to tears. Dave Day’s guitar work is full of passion and soul that will make you take notice.

Both are seasoned musicians that have shared the stage with many famous artists. They have a large and growing following in their own right and a memorable pleasure to see perform live. Lynda and Dave together are Mercy Duo, featuring Lynda Day.


2 BBQ Pork Sliders w/ Potato Salad

$10 per person

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