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Oregon Wine Press features StoneRiver in their September 2020 issue.

In their latest issue, Oregon Wine Press completes a 6 part Cycling Series. Part 6, the last part in the series, focuses on wine and cycling in the Rogue Valley. This article showcases the Rogue Valley and brings attention to the abundance of cycle paths and cycle friendly Tasting Rooms in the Rogue Valley..

We are pleased to have been mentioned in the article as a cycle friendly destination along one of the valley's more busy backroad bicycle paths. Special thanks to Jamie Lange our Tasting Room manager for helping make our Tasting Room a favorite stop for both local and out of town riders.

Following is a quote from the article:

... Back on the road, follow South Stage Road east in the direction of Pioneer Road and StoneRiver Vineyards. There are several routes, each with quiet country roads. Map an appealing route knowing this is hilly terrain. Some effort will be required.

StoneRiver Vineyards, boasting a spacious indoor tasting room and outdoor seating, is a regular for cyclists along Pioneer Road.

"I have a couple of bike racks outside because I get cyclists here quite often," tasting room manager Jamie Lange said. "Serious riders will stop just to take a break. Others will stop and hang out for awhile and then circle back later (by car) when they're 're finished riding because they want to buy wine."

The Oregon Wine Press is a great place to find information about Oregon wine and wine facilities. Copies are generally available free at Oregon wineries and associated businesses. It's a great magazine about the Oregon wine scene. Drop by and pick up a copy!

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