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StoneRiver Vineyards Certified LIVE Sustainable for 2019

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

LIVE is one of the most authoritative sustainability accreditations in the wine world and StoneRiver Vineyards is proud to announce that it has been certified LIVE sustainable for the 8th consecutive year. (2019-2020). LIVE certification involves an independent assessment of our farming practices and verification of our compliance with LIVE standards for vineyards. LIVE bases its regional farming standards on those published by the International Organization for the Biological and Integrated Control of Noxious Animals and Plants (IOBC), an organization recognized for over 60 years for its cutting-edge work in applied sustainability research. The IOBC has accredited LIVE annually since 2000.

We were particularly pleased to note that in 2019 we completed our 3rd year without using any glyphosates in our vineyards. All weed abatement the last 3 years has been done mechanically and without use of any herbicides.

Look for the LIVE Certified Sustainable Grapes logo on every bottle of our wine. It is our commitment to you that every bottle of our wine was made with grapes from our vineyards and was made with grapes grown and made to standards that minimize environmental impacts, preserve agricultural fertility, and sustain economic viability for generations to come.

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